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Sometimes it is hard to express what it is we do in words and what impact we have on our members so we asked them to tell you in their own words.

Stuart C

The best thing about ‘The Secret Lair’ is how easily the people it supports come together within a shared space, and this is beautifully supported through regular events, the variety of games played, and their online support.


‘The Secret Lair’ has regular gaming events scheduled each day, including tabletop gaming each weeknight and board games socials for the weekends.


‘The Secret Lair’ hosts numerous charity events during the course of a year for a variety of community-focused endeavours and allows its members to use the space as required to build their own relationships by providing access to its space and the extensive collection of board games upon its shelves.


Their welcoming approach to individuals who are ‘new to gaming’ serves as a vital link to a wider community for many who need to find a route of connecting with other people and developing those relationships within a shared and welcoming space. For me,


I love having access to the vibrant and supportive environment created by the team at ‘The Secret Lair’. Here the walls may be lined from floor to ceiling with a huge variety of games (old and new), but it’s the lasting relationships it helps create for its members that are the reason we come. ‘The Secret Lair’ caters equally well to all of our varied communities.


Whether a young or ‘aged’ adult, a serious gamer, a family, a game fanatic and a semi-inactive role-player, everyone can find their space to explore in ‘The Secret Lair’.

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Miles C

What does The Secret Lair mean to me? I have for the best part of my life suffered from confidence issues, self-deprecation, and profound shyness.


It wasn't until I was 30 that I was diagnosed with social anxiety. I found it hard to maintain friendships, let alone relationships. Extreme fear was met when just the thought of interacting with people I didn't know was mentioned, let alone talking to people who had authority over me (i.e. a previous boss).


Since joining the secret lair, I have gained new confidence. Being in a safe space, with a group of individuals who not only enjoy the hobbies I do but more importantly welcome me and not judge me like others in the past have allowed me to come out of my shell.


 have been able to start standing up for myself against disgruntled clients, being able to confront my bosses when issues arise that I felt too nervous to say in the past. I am now more social than ever, with a closer group of friends than ever before.


I have even been able to start socialising with individuals I have never met before without a sinking feeling in my gut. The secret lair has given me these opportunities, this new ability to be myself with prejudice or judgment.


A place where anyone, from any walk of life is welcome. If they have done this for me, I am sure they have done this for others, and will hopefully do it for more in the future.

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